The brightest minds in IT. 1500 of them.
Gathered under the same roof. The sky is the limit.

2021. Log in. Universitetsgata 2. 27000 m2. 17 floors.

Memberships. Full-service. Full flexibility.
An entire floor? Move right in. Bring your mind.


Looking for an office?


In central Oslo.
The brightest minds in IT.
Where knowledge is shared.
On the cutting edge of tech development.

The most engaged
and innovative specialist communities.

Outside the box.
Inside an IT powerhouse.

Within Rebel.

Rebel, it’s all yours.

All you need is Rebel plantegning

Flexible offices. Flexible contracts. Flexible memberships.

Multiple specialist fellowships.
Co-working and communities.

Conference halls and auditoriums. Breakout areas and meeting points. Sharing and participation. Collaboration and interaction.

Happenings and activities.
Expos and events.

Business and value.
Party and celebration.

Coffee shop, eateries, hangouts.
And a couple of bars that are more than just bars.

Exchanging ideas. Innovation.
Development. Value created.

Adventurous work days.
Life changing experiences.

Everything you need in one building.



Our lease agreements are based on memberships. We will find the perfect solution based on your needs

Three years or three hours? Scaling from 3 to 30?

Large company or a small
department? A long-term
commitment or a short-term project?

We fix.

> 01


A dedicated office on your own floor in the tower.

> 02


Project room / dedicated office.

> 03


Dedicated desk in an open office landscape.

> 04


Free access without a dedicated desk.


chill out
after work
at Skråplanet.


In close cooperation with Fursetgruppen, we are developing exciting food and
drink concepts for all rebels.

There will be a bar with microbrewed beer, a wine bar with a private wine cellar and restaurants with a rich and tasty menu. A place to invite people in (or out) to. A place to enjoy – at all times. A good excuse to “work” extra hours.

The area surrounding Rebel is
currently being revitalized.
Tullinkvartalet. The University
of Oslo and Oslo Met. Cultural
institutions and social arenas. Let´s meet at Tullin!

_A reimagined
          city district

En helt ny bydel



Oslo city centre.
A 5-minute walk from
Nasjonalteateret Station.
Bike parking at Rebel.
The largest parking garage in Oslo, 3 minutes away.

Metro lines to all of Oslo.
Trains to all of Norway.
Express train to Oslo Airport.
Flights to all over the world.

Rebel Arena

Rebel Arena will host the most rocking experiences – conferences, seminars, meetings, expo – on location or virtual.

You name it! 

We provide the facilities, the expertise and the experience.

See you there?

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